Ver 1.18: shared dashboards editing, new features of Merge Module components, MCF reports for Google Analytics

Hi there! This week we’re bringing you an option of saving the edits made to a shared dashboard, a list of new features added to a few of the Merge Module components and a new report supported by our Google Analytics module.

Find more info down below.

Note: the feature requires access to the corresponding policy.

  • Merge Module. Copy Columns component. You can now copy any type of data within your data flow even easier: the Copy Entities component was improved with the ability of copying other data types, too, and renamed to Copy Columns.

    1. The component will always have a currency rate to calculate with, even during long holidays: it can now use the provider’s latest available rate.
    2. As the conversion formulas can become harder to read (when a cross rate is involved, etc), we’ve made it possible to switch between the formula types. Eg: USD to EUR conversion of “spend” can be either spend*1.2 or spend/0.83.
  • Merge Module. Output component. To save time on setting up the Merge Module, the component was improved with the ability of automated processing of different inputs’ empty and extra columns. 
  • Modules. Google Analytics now supports the MCF (Multi-Channel Funnel) reports.