Ver 1.19. What else was new in June

Hello! Trying to keep you fully aware of our product’s news, we’ve also made this list of all the other June updates that add up to the weekly highlights. Please find the list below.


1. UI. Task & Schedules. For your convenience, all the optional task run settings were moved to the separate group. They can simply be ignored if you’re running a general task with no advanced settings.

2. Help Center. Contact Support widget’s issues were fixed.

3. Merge Module. Currency Converter. In case the currency rates provider does not have the currency you need available, it can be requested from two other providers one after another, making sure the calculation can be performed. Base currency will be changed accordingly. Available providers: ECB (EUR), CBR (RUB), (USD).

4. Modules. Alerting. The module can now inform you if any integration of the ones you’re monitoring broke down or was fixed, compared to its previous day’s state.

5. Modules. Google Play. Module init issue was fixed. 

6. Modules. Files. The issue with a non-standard charset processing was fixed..

7. Core. The minor issue with the config saving SAVE button staying green after you clicked it was fixed. 

8. Core. The cases of the “Invalid task ID” error message that you might have seen once or twice when running an integration task were minimized.

9. Core. The issue with raw integrations’ configs storing was fixed.

10. Core API. Incorrect credentials usage will now lead to error 401 instead of error 500.