Ver 1.20: Charts widget and date range setting tools evolution, new Tonic module

Hey there! 

We have some more cool new UI features for you this week. No more text fields for setting the date parameters: our Task run setting form has a date picker now and the Schedule Rule setting form has an awesome schedule adjusting tool that’ll help you set a very accurate schedule timing. 

Dashboards Chart widget has also been improved with distinct colours being assigned to each metric in Pie chart and a better values display in Line and Bar charts.

Last but not least, we have a new Tonic module released this week.

See full info below.


1. UI. Schedules & Tasks. Our Task run setting form has a date range picker now with all its features. And the Schedule Rule setting form has a new super handy schedule adjusting tool, feel free to use one of its three ways of setting the timings.

2. UI. Dashboards. Chart widget.

  • Pie charts sectors are now assigned distinct colours to make the visual comparison much more comfortable.

  • For line charts and bar charts, no need to hover the very lines/bars to learn the metric’s value anymore: all the corresponding values are displayed upon hovering the chart itself.

 3. Modules. New Tonic module is now available to connect.

Other updates

Merge Module. Input Integration. The component now has a query filter in its UI. Do use it to limit the incoming stats to only those values that you need. Note: those filters that were already set (in JSON-code editor) will have to be transformed into search queries manually.