Ver 1.22: New options of filtering and formatting data, new modules and documentation

Hi there! 

This time we have a couple of new and handy options for you to use when filtering and viewing your data: regular expressions in query filters and the Other values option in columns’ conditional formatting to save your time on setting the opposite conditions.

Next, another bunch of new modules arrived this week: Aarki, YouAppi Dashboard (DSP) and Tune (formerly known as HasOffers) are ready to use.

And on top of that, our API documentation looks and feels different now, feel free to check it out.

See more info below.


1. UI. Query filters. The stats on Browse data page and in Dashboard widgets can now be also filtered using regular expressions in query filters, eg: “Campaign = /.*_[0-9]{3}_.*/”.

2. UI. Dashboards. In the Datagrid widget’s conditional formatting settings, a certain colour can be assigned to all the values that do not meet any of the  conditions above using the Other values option.

3. Modules. New Aarki, YouAppi Dashboard (DSP) and Tune (formerly known as HasOffers) modules are now available to connect.

4. Modules. Files. No need to manually delete the last rows of the data table if they are irrelevant to stats: an option of ignoring a certain number of rows at the end of the table was added. 

5. Core. As the first step of documentation improvement, we released a new API docs website.



1. UI. Tasks. Re-running current tasks is easier now with the RUN AGAIN button.

2. UI. Merge Module Visual Editor. The editor’s user experience was improved: if there’s an unfortunate typo in a component’s code that makes its syntax invalid and eventually causes the loss of changes made to it after saving the config, you will be notified about such an error upon trying to save it. Saving the config will only be possible when all such errors are fixed and the code is valid, so no changes will be lost.

Note: only the valid syntax code is being saved to the config’s draft still. 

3. Modules. Affise. A new option of changing the list of collected breakdowns was added making the module much more flexible.

4. Modules. Facebook. The module’s stability was increased by fixing the issue that led to some of the campaigns randomly not being collected.