Ver 1.23: a bunch of new UI features, Line module and an upgraded TikTok module


A few more interface features for you today: view your stats by weeks or months on the go using the date granularity option, see your metric’s total with no calculations and, finally, drop the habit of counting how many days it’s been since that particular date when setting the relative date range.

And, of course, a couple of new modules including the one that supports TikTok’s new API and the SKAdNetwork data collection. 

See further details below.


1. UI. Dashboards. The new granularity setting option for our Datagrid and Chart widgets was added, it will let you view the stats by weeks/months/quarters/years on the go.

2. UI. Dashboards. Chart widget now shows the metrics’ total value in its legend.

3. UI. Date range picker. In the Relative range, for each date it now also shows the number of days counting backwards from the current date.

4. Modules. New Line and TikTok V2 modules are now available to connect. The TikTok V2 one supports the source’s new API and also allows collecting the SKAdNetwork data.


Other updates

1.  Modules. Google Play. Keeping up with the Google Play updates, we added the new columns to our module.

2. UI. Time period relevances. For the Integration configs’ and macros’ relevances, full dates can now be viewed on the relevances list.