Ver 1.24: logos of the data sources, SKAdNetwork data collection for Facebook module and a bit more

Hi there!

A couple of cool updates for you this week. First, happy to let you know that telling one Integration from another on the integrations lists has become much easier now with the data source logos. And second, SKAdNetwork data collection is also available for our Facebook module now.

In other news, we’ve made it possible to view any entity’s full info in the Datagrid widget and delete a column in the Arithmetics Visual editor anytime you need.

See further details below.


1. UI. Integrations. Data source’s logo is now displayed next to every Integration’s title.

2. Modules. Facebook. A new option of SKAdNetwork data collection was added.


Other updates

1. UI. Dashboards. To see a certain entity’s full info in the Datagrid widget, click on it pressing Shift+Ctrl / Shift+Cmd combination.

2. UI. Arithmetics Visual editor. Any column can now be deleted anytime you need.