Ver 1.25: vitamins shot for Merge Module, SKAdNetwork data for more modules, integration status icons, newer APIs support


  Today we have quite a bunch of updates on the modules side. First, with the recent improvement, our Merge Module can work with much bigger amounts of data, so bring it on!

  Second, keeping up with the trends, we’re supporting the SKAdNetwork data collection from more data sources and now it’s AppsFlyer Protect 360’s turn. Google Play’s latest API updates and VK and TikTok newest API versions are also supported. 

  Third, a few other modules have new features available, like collecting additional data and reports.

  Not leaving the UI behind, we’re making the details look even prettier: you will instantly know the current status of any integration thanks to our new status icons on the data source logos.

  We are also moving on with the documentation improvement: feel free to check out our UMS documentation released on a new generator.

See further details below.


1. UI. Integrations. Every integration’s status is now indicated with a corresponding icon on its data source logo. 

2. Modules. Merge Module. The module’s performance was enhanced significantly: now it can process much bigger amounts of data.

3. Modules. AppsFlyer Protect 360. SKAdNetwork and SKAdNetwork reports are now available.

4. Core. As the next step of our documentation improvement, our UMS documentation was released on a new generator.


Other updates

1. Modules. ironSource. An option of collecting creatives and app bundle titles was added.

2. Modules. Chartboost. An option of collecting creatives was added.

3. Modules. Adjust. A new option of collecting data day by day was added.

4. Modules. Appmetrica module is now available to connect.

5. Modules. GooglePlay. The latest API updates are supported.

6. Modules. ironSource V2. The partner API and Ad Revenue Report are now also supported.

7. Modules. GooglePlay. The module’s stability was increased thanks to handling an issue of several empty fields in the source’s response.

8.Modules. VK and TikTok. The modules’ newest API versions are now supported.