Version 1.11

UI. Increased usability of history records relevances for the integrations’ and macros’ configs: time periods are now set with no date overlays, both start and end dates belong to only one time period.

Modules. Files. The following archive file formats are now supported: *.zip, *.gz, *.xz, *.bz2.

Modules. Trafficstars. Data collection stability increased thanks to adding repeated queries and also the “concurrency” issue of excessive amounts of asynchronous queries being fixed.

Modules. Merge Module. The Arithmetics component can now work with multiple operators.

UI. Arithmetics visual add-on. Expression can now be typed in and saved in the config as a string. The multiple operators expressions are supported.

Docs. New videos: 

  1. How to run an integration
  2. Roles & Policies: granting access to Browse data pages and Configs’ Macros editing pages