Version 1.13

UI. Dashboards. New Chart widget was released, see the overview video.

UI. Dashboards. For the Datagrid widget, multiple values group filtering can be set by simply clicking the required values in the table, see short video.

UI. New Schedules section holds schedule rules for all the integrations. (NOTE: the section is only available if access to the corresponding resource is granted for the user).

UI. Manage Users. Admin impersonalization feature added.

Customer Service. New customer support solution’s soft launch was performed. New features:

  1. Individual accounts
  2. Chat
  3. Telegram
  4. Knowledge base 

Modules. New Paddle and AppStoreConnect Finance modules are now available to connect.

Modules. Files. Processing issue of the exact same attachments sent in multiple emails was fixed.

Modules. AppsFlyer. Following the recent AppsFlyer API change, the data collection row limit was increased from 200000 to 1000000 rows.

Modules. Applovin. New option of collecting the publishers’ data added.

Modules. Adjust. Weeks and months cohort groupings are now supported.

Core. .CSV-files export requests are being logged now.