Version 1.16: Google Analytics (beta) and Binom modules, Query suggestions, Config relevance

Modules. New Google Analytics (beta version) and Binom modules are now available to connect.

UI. Query suggestions. SEE THE VIDEO. The filters will show you useful keyboard accessible and clickable suggestions on which options you have to choose from, which operators can be used and how.

Important: suggestions will only work for the “[entity] where [metric]” queries and will not work for the “[entity] and [metric]” ones as the “and” usage is deprecated now. Please avoid using “and” when querying entities and metrics together.

UI. Config relevance. SEE THE VIDEO. We have enhanced the date ranges setting experience.

  • In case of gaps or overlaps, a warning message will appear.

  • Only the start date must be set when copying the config with Save As New button, the end date will be set automatically. NOTE: if the current relevances setting is invalid (date ranges with gaps or overlaps), Save As New button will work the old way.
  • If you need to change the dates: instead of changing them with the Edit Relevance button, simply click Save As New button and set the new start date

UI. Dashboards. You can see the widget info right under its title: the info bar displays integration title, date range and also applied filters. Note: for the Chart widget with a few date ranges only the global one will be displayed.