Version 1.17: Currency conversion, macros links, new ticket form, API changes

Merge Module. MM Editor. Dealing with multiple currencies in a single integration is easier now: a new Currency Converter component will do that for you automatically.

UI. Config + Edit Macro + MM Editor. If you need to check or edit the macro used for a certain purpose in your config, just open the Used macros list and click the macro you need to see. Macros’ descriptions will help you to find the right one.

  1. Integration config

    Integration config

  2. Macro config

    Macro config

  3. MM Visual Editor

    MM Visual Editor

Schedules. The schedule rule tasks can be edited right in this section.

Help Center. Send tickets with fuller info: the Send Ticket option now opens a new and more detailed ticket form in the new browser tab.

Modules. Facebook. An option of collecting creatives stats (video assets, image assets, etc) was added.

Modules. Unity. An option of collecting stats by hours was added.

API. Backward incompatible API changes were made, please find full info here.

Docs. Videos.