Version 1.7

Modules. Facebook: 

  1. Not only active and archived entities can be collected now, but the deleted ones, too
  2. Automatic collection of data for required ad accounts only, with a certain tag in their naming

Modules. Display & Video 360 is now available to connect.

Modules. Tenjin tracker is now available to connect: new flexible module allows collecting literally any data via API.

Modules. Facebook Audience Network module is now available to connect. It allows collecting ad monetization data from Facebook. More modules of this type are to come, stay tuned!

Modules. Files: even if column names of columns, that contain the same type data, are different in different data sources, thanks to the regular expressions option all the data will be processed properly still.

Modules. AppsFlyer: the tracker has a thing with collecting data for a day that has way too much of it: the collection fails. Our module’s stability is increased thanks to working out a way to overcome that fail and collect data.

UI. Merge Module visual editor released. It allows visual programming by placing Merge Module components (nodes) on the diagram and linking them in required way to build the data transformation flow. Links to every component’s documentation provided.

UI. New Dashboards section where you can:

  1. Create dashboards
  2. Add the integrations’ collected data as widgets to the dashboard
  3. Edit settings and filters for every widget 
  4. Copy widgets from one dashboard to another
  5. Share dashboards with other users (for admins only, please contact Support team if you need to share your dashboard)

Core. Accounts can be rolled back to certain states defined by the user’s action, fixing possibly wrong ones. That helps with security as well.

System’s overall security and stability increased by various updates. Server-side software upgraded to the latest versions.