Version 1.8

Modules. AppsFlyer: aggregated report collection is significantly optimized, taking half as much time now as before the optimization.

Modules. Moloco integration is updated to the integration with their new Moloco-Cloud platform.

Modules. New AdMob module is available to connect.

UI. Safari web browser support enhanced.

UI. Merge Module editor: 

  1. Component’s description can be added in its context sidebar, elaborating and commenting its role in data flow. The components with description to them are marked with the speech bubble.
  2. Input Integration component’s sidebar is enhanced with the Integration selector and Date Column selector experience.

UI. Lists. All the items on Integrations and Configs’ Macros lists are proper links.

UI. Stats query filter:

  1. The “*” wildcard, that previously worked as “any symbol” now works as “any symbol or none”, allowing more flexible usage of it. Note: this update can affect the existing filters’ logic.
  2. Dashboard query filters’ syntax is being validated now, the input will turn red if the expression is invalid. 

UI. Integration’s description can be added on the Integrations list and in the Integration pages’ header. Markdown is supported. The corresponding policies must be allowed for the user.

UI. Dashboards. Widgets: 

  1. When copied, the widget is not affecting your OS’s Clipboard data.
  2. By default, Datagrid widget is showing up to 50 rows instead of 10 now. The widget window can be expanded by clicking Expand/Minimize button at its very bottom.

UI. Notifications: if the service is unavailable due to lost connection, the corresponding message will appear. Once the connection is restored, it will suggest reloading the page. 

Merge Module. Components: new Metrics to Entities component allows creating new entities out of existing metrics.

Core. Relative metrics’ Total is now calculated as an average mean instead of a sum.