Weekly highlights: original IDs at your fingertips, informative error messages and new data collection options

Hi there! 

Just sprinkling our interface with more details here: easily accessible original IDs (the ones assigned by data sources) of the entities and easy to read error messages and codes that can appear when you’re running the Merge Module integration tasks. 

And, of course, some new options of data collection: stats collection by hours for the AppLovin module and raw data collection for the AppsFlyer Protect360 module.

Full info:

UI. The Browse data and Dashboards (Datagrid widget) pages have become more informative: hover the entities to see their original IDs.

Merge Module. Those error messages that you may have seen in logs when running the Merge Module integration tasks are easier to read now, informing you on what and where has gone wrong. Use the error codes for more info.

Modules. Applovin. We have added a new option of collecting the stats by hours.

Modules. AppsFlyer Protect360. In case the Master API is unavailable, a new option of collecting the raw data will be very helpful. The data that can be collected: 

  • Blocked Installs (real-time blocked)
  • Post-Attribution Fraud Installs
  • Post-Attribution Fraud In-App Events