Weekly highlights: support channels update, UI and Merge Module components improvement, increased TikTok module stability


After giving it a good thought, we’ve narrowed down the support channels list to make sure our support is as efficient as it gets. This week we also have a couple of UI improvements and increased stability of the TikTok module to report. In addition to that, you will find that managing the conditional processing of data in our Merge Module is easier now that filters in all the components which use them are set up the same way. 

Full info:

1. Help Center. To process your requests more efficiently, we have narrowed the list of support channels to tickets and Telegram. Please use Telegram messenger for urgent inquiries only and do send tickets in all the other cases.

2. Merge Module. Filters in components. Conditional processing of data is even easier now: we have enhanced the filters in Arithmetics, Conditional Switch and Occurrences Count Merge Module components. Those filters also work the exact same way now.

3. UI. Schedules. You can create a new Schedule rule right on the Schedule rules list.

4. UI. Connectors. The integration availability issue was fixed: now all the integrations that are available to link with the connector are visible on the list. 

5. Modules. TikTok. No more token validity issues: your token will be valid until you change it yourself.