What was new in April

Last month we’ve made sure to hone the features that had just been released recently and make them even better! Thank you for your kind feedback, it is a huge help and inspiration for us :).
To make sure you don’t miss a thing, we’ve made this list of April updates for you to quickly go through. Let’s start with the Dashboards.

1. Dashboards widgets

To filter your stats:

    1. Ctrl+Click / Cmd+Click – add the value to your filter. APPLY button – apply the filter.
    2. Click the value – add the value and apply this single-value filter.

  • Widget view

Use the new info bar to get a quick grip of every widget’s current settings (selected integration, date range, filters).

  • Settings

Once you select another integration to be displayed in your widget, those settings that are also relevant for the newly selected integration will be kept.

  • .CSV

Now you can download a .CSV with any widget’s stats.

2. General UI improvements

Better way of accessing macros that are used in the config: open the > Used macros list and click the macro you need to open.

Setting the date ranges of your config relevance is much easier now.

    • Relevance validation: a warning message will appear if there are any gaps or overlaps between the date ranges.
    • When copying the config with Save As New button, only set the start date. The end date will be set automatically.
    • To change the dates: click Save As New button and set the new start date.

The filters will show you useful keyboard accessible and clickable suggestions on which options and operators you have to choose from.

  • Other

Schedules section: the schedule rule tasks can be edited right in this section (the pencil button).

3. Merge Module Visual Editor

Currency Converter MM component: new Merge Module component that will help you to deal with multiple currencies in a single integration.

4. Modules

  • New ones:
    • Alerting – please use this module to receive alerts in your Slack
    • Kochava
    • Google Analytics (beta version)
    • Binom
  • Other modules were updated with new features:
    • Facebook: new option of collecting creatives stats (video assets, image assets, etc).
    • Unity: new option of collecting stats by hours.

5. Help Center

Our Help Center was redesigned completely. With the new options you can:

  • Contact our Support team by sending them a ticket, starting a live chat or messaging them on Telegram
  • Check out our docs
  • Go to our docs’ article about the page you’re viewing currently (context link)
  • Open our docs’ article with extra info that you might need on that page (context link)

6. Documentation

A new How to section was added to our documentation and updated with a few instructions and videos.

7. Core and API

  • We simplified the calculated metrics’ syntax, making them much easier to read and set in the integration config.
  • Backward incompatible API changes were made, please find full info here.